Structure and Operation

To effectively carry out its mission, the BRB relies on the management bodies under its statutes and a functional structure of its services.

The Bank has its headquarters in Bujumbura and may establish branches in all localities of the Republic ( art. 4). It is under this provision that has already opened two branches within the country : the center in Gitega , in February 1982 and Ngozi , north , in March 1986 , which is an important step in the extension of banking infrastructure for development process of the country . These agencies have not only facilitated the movement of public funds within the country, but also promoted the strengthening of banking services.

The Management of the Bank is provided by an Executive Committee consisting of a Governor and two Deputy Governors ( Article 11) .

The Executive Committee is vested with the broadest powers of administration , decision-making and control.

Control of the management of the Bank is provided by two auditors appointed by the Minister of Finance and to examine the books, to audit the accounts of the Central Bank and certify the balance sheet and profit and loss ( art . 19 & 20)..

For its daily operations , the Bank has established an organizational structure that includes a body of  three councilors Branch chosen among the most experienced executives and 14 services including: 

4 Banking Services:

  • Cashiers, Issuances and Treasury
  • Internal Banking operations
  • Foreign banking operations
  • Finance and  Accounting.

6 Specialized Services:

  • Monetary and Financial Markets
  • Banking supervision and financial stability
  • Microfinance department, non-banking institutions supervision  and financial inclusion
  • Cashier Treasury  Control
  • Internal Audit
  • Research and Statistics.  

4 Support Services:

  • Human resources
  • Organisation and Information Technology
  • Logistics and Security
  • Legal.

The staffing of the B.R.B. increased steadily over the years. While they were still at the number 169 at the end of 1964 they totaled 606 units at present , of which 242 female workers , or 39.9 pc of the total. Of this total, the agency employs 46 staff Gitega and Ngozi 55 agents.

Rapid change has also taken on the level of staff training, the number of academic staff currently reaching 176 units when there was none at the opening of the Bank.